Acrylamide in date syrup

Acrylamide in date syrup:

What is Acrylamide?

Acrylamide is an odorless, white and transparent chemical compound that is formed by heating starchy materials such as potatoes, dates and bread at high temperatures (more than 120 degrees Celsius). Research has shown that there is a direct relationship between increasing the cooking time and temperature and the amount of acrylamide production. This chemical can be created in food by cooking, frying, grilling, baking, and roasting. Boiling and steaming generally do not produce acrylamide


Studies have been conducted in this field and experiments have shown that animals exposed to high doses of Acrylamide developed cancer. Researchers believe that this substance can also cause cancer in humans; therefore, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of substances containing acrylamide to prevent this possibility.

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If acrylamide enters the body, it breaks down and produces a substance called glycidamide, which can affect human DNA and cause mutations in genes, leading to cancer, various infections, and other irreversible complications, including damage to the nervous system and the body’s immune system. to be.

Even direct contact with this substance causes irritation, burning, itching in the respiratory system and eyes, nausea, impaired consciousness and speech, urinary incontinence, etc. also, Polish researchers believe that acrylamide is a serious threat to cardiovascular health.

The World Food and Drug Organization has called this chemical a concern for humans and is conducting more comprehensive and detailed studies and investigations.

The importance of acrylamide in date Syrup:

It has always been important to discuss the amount of acrylamide in date syrup with regard to its production method and the use of this product for direct consumption and industrial usage , because if using date syrup with a high amount of acrylamide, the health of the consumer will be at risk.

Our actions in this field:

Since the quality of our products and the health of our consumers is always our main concern.We have tried to use the latest techniques in preparing this product so that we can control the amount of acrylamide.

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