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Date honey is a refined extract of date. Date honey has the same composition as honey. It is a natural sweetener that has a high value. Natural honey can cause allergies in children and sensitive people due to the presence of plant pollens. Date honey can easily be a suitable substitute for honey
Arah’s sweetening date juice is produced from 100% natural dates and has all the benefits of dates. No preservatives, additives, added flavors, colors or artificial ingredients!
It is used as a natural sweetener in all dessert recipes, hot and cold drinks (instead of refined sugar).

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Uses of Date Honey

It is used as a natural sweetener in all dessert recipes, hot and cold drinks (in place of refined sugar).
It is suitable for cooking and baking. It does not lose its nutritional value at high temperatures.
Those who spend a lot of energy in their daily life and engage in various activities can especially consume honey dates.
Honey obtained from date extract can be used as a breakfast and sweetener, especially for those who are on a diet and have type 2 diabetes.
In addition, it is a tasty and alternative food source that babies under 12 months can easily consume.

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Today, a new date product is presented, which is made from date fruit, and many fans from all over the world want this product because this product has a high nutritional content as a healthy sweetener. Arah Company is a wholesale supplier of date Honey and our team is always trying to offer the best quality of this product to its buyers at the best price. We fully monitor all stages of preparation to always satisfy our customers. Due to the variable price of this product, contact us to inquire about the price.

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Arah Company Date Liquid Sugar Exporter and Manufacturer

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Kalle Ghoochi Pistachio (jumbo pistachio)

Ahmad aghayi pistachio(Long Pistachio)

Badami pistachio(Semi-Long Pistachio)

Whole pistachio kernel


Kaloute ( Kali, Kaloote, Kalite, kalute )

Mazafati (Rotab, Kimia )

Piarom ( Maryami )

Sayer ( Stameran )




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Date Liquid Sugar

And we will always be able to supply our valued customers and always provide the best services to have a sustainable business with them.

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