Date seed powder

Date seed powder coffee

What is Date seed powder?

The date palm fruit is one of the oldest fruits that has been with man since several centuries ago. The main origin of this heavenly fruit was in the Middle East, and Iran is one of the main producers of dates and its products.

Dates have become very popular in recent years, especially its products such as: date chocolate, date paste, date liquid sugar, date syrup, etc. have many fans in European countries.

Date seed that are discarded are rich in nutrients that can be used to produce a product with high nutritional value using a technology, date seed powder coffee is one of the most unique products in the world.

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How to prepare date seed coffee

How to make date seed powder?

To produce coffee, date seed go through several stages:

  1. The date seed are washed
  2. After the washing process, the seed must be dried
  3. Date seed oil should be taken
  4. After oiling, the date seed should be roasted to get the taste and smell of coffee
  5. Finally, roasted date seed is milled

date seed coffee
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Date seed coffee vs coffee

Coffee dates are rich in antioxidants and fiber that help improve the digestive system.

What is date seed powder good for?

Date seed are useful for people with diabetes and can help improve blood sugar.

What nutrient is in date seed?

Vitamins C and A, B1, B2, B6, phosphorus, magnesium, iron.

How much caffeine is in date seeds?

The caffeine in date coffee is 0% and it gives you energy and a good feeling like coffee, therefore it can be a good option for those who want to eliminate the consumption of caffeinated coffee from their daily life.

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What does date seed powder taste like?

The roasting of date seed gives it the taste and smell of coffee.

Does date seed coffee give you energy?

Date seed powder is gluten and caffeine free and has many mineral properties, that’s why it gives you instant energy like coffee.

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Packaging of dates seed powder

Retail packaging

Our date seed powder coffee come in small packages, ready to be placed on your store shelves.

Bulk packaging

We also offer bulk packages of date seed powder.

We are specialist in private label . We can resolve the needs of our clients’ organizations in the field of packaging and private label, and relying on an experienced team of design specialists, we can be your best advisor in this field.
Arah  Company provides packaging in a given weight specified by the buyer with respect to the tonnage being asked.

Date seed coffee

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