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Arah was founded in 2018, relying on a young and creative team based on business knowledge and techniques, along with providing the highest quality dates around the world, and with the supply of dates from the region’s groves and quality approval by local experts, closed Healthy and beautiful classification is offered all over the world.

We meet the most stringent requirements throughout our production and distribution process to deliver the highest quality product worldwide

We establish close relationships with our customers by understanding the needs of our customers and adhering to the standards

Supplier and Exporter of Iranian Dates

Our features

One of the advantages of Arah is providing high quality dates in accordance with international standards, reasonable prices and packaging as a priority label, which has always solved the concerns of many foreign customers.

We handpick our products from our network of local farmers, carefully selecting each item, always ensuring consistent and premium quality. Every nick product goes through multiple stages of quality checks and ensures that only the best one is available for consumers.

Our features
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Our certifications

Our collection uses advanced machines and new technologies in its production and packaging line

All our products have internal standards such as: health certificate, national standard and foreign standards such as: ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP.


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Our mission

Supply, packaging and marketing of high quality dates based on food safety and security worldwide


Mazafati dates exporters in Iran

Our vision

Our vision The production and processing of organic Iranian dates and the creation of a supply chain will be completely safe and health-oriented and based on fair trade.

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What does ARAH mean?

In addition to meaning the great angel, Arah contains our slogan

Accountibility, Respect, Ability, Honesty

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