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bulk service packaging is One of the methods of packaging products  . Many products come in bulk packaging, but what is bulk service? Bulk packaging is a method of distributing goods that are sold by weight or number of units. In this way, the customer can buy as much as he wants from the package. Bulk packaging can be stacked in a warehouse, which saves space and also makes them easier to find during storage. Bulk distribution of the packaged product during travel protects the product from hazards such as impact, vibration, drop and weather hazards such as rain, dust, sea water, etc.

Bulk packaging is mainly required by manufacturers who want to send a large amount of goods to their distributors in different parts of the world. Merchandise distributors usually unpack the merchandise and distribute the merchandise directly as it is, either in loose or original packaging conditions, or repackage it and resell it to their retailers.

Therefore, the type of packaging is mainly done by manufacturers to supply their goods to their customers (wholesalers/retailers). Arah Company is a supplier of all kinds of dates with all kinds of packaging needed by valuable customers, and you can buy your chosen product in all kinds of packaging methods.

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