Golden Raisins

What is Raisins?

Raisins are one of the most popular types of dried fruit, which are rich in minerals and iron, and are available in different samples and types in the market, and each of them is used in certain cases. One type of raisin is known as golden raisin, it is among the well-known examples of raisins at the international level.

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What are golden raisins made from?

Golden raisin, also known as Golden Sultana, is obtained from a special type of grape that is seedless and available in yellow or golden color. These grapes are dried using special methods, and after drying, the grapes are transferred to the carbon dioxide room and placed in special wooden boxes. These boxes are placed on the existing shelves in this small room.

At this stage, sulfur is placed in a special metal container, and then the sulfur is set on fire. Finally, after a short period of time, the color of the raisins turns yellow due to the sulfur smoke that spreads in the air, and finally, golden raisins are produced.
The maximum limit of sulfur in golden raisins is 2000 ppm.

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After the raw raisins enter the factory, they are first washed two to three times, then they are passed through it to dry, and then they are passed through laser sort, X-ray scan and metal detector machines until the final product is free. from any foreign material.

Golden raisin size

  • Jumbo: 270-300 per 100 grams (depends on crop year)
  • Standard: 301-360 per 100 grams (depends on crop year)

Golden raisins nutrition





Energy Value

1241 kJ

Total Sugars


292 Kcal



·         of which saturated fatty acids


Total dietary fiber










Golden Raisins main benefits

1) The effect of the properties of raisins on the digestive system
2) The effect of raisin properties on oral and dental health
3) The effect of the benefits of raisins on strengthening the immune system
4) The effect of the properties of raisins on reducing sugar and blood pressure

Golden Raisins vs Green Raisins

Golden raisins and green raisins are two different types of raisins that vary in their color, taste, and production methods. differences between the two:

  1. Color: Golden raisins, also known as sultanas, have a golden or light brown color. They are typically treated with sulfur dioxide to preserve their color and prevent darkening during the drying process. Green raisins, on the other hand, have a green or light yellow color and are usually made from grapes that are dried naturally without any sulfur dioxide treatment.

  2. Grape Variety: Golden raisins are primarily made from seedless white grapes, such as Thompson Seedless or Sultana grapes. Green raisins are usually made from a variety of grapes called Corinth or Zante currants, which are small and seedless.

  3. Taste and Texture: Golden raisins tend to be sweeter and have a milder flavor compared to green raisins. They have a soft and chewy texture. Green raisins, on the other hand, have a slightly tangy and tart flavor. They are also firmer and have a more dense texture.

  4. Production Process: Golden raisins are typically treated with sulfur dioxide during the drying process, which helps preserve their color and extend their shelf life. They are often dried using artificial heat, such as an oven or dehydrator. Green raisins, on the other hand, are dried naturally in the sun or air, without the use of sulfur dioxide. This gives them their unique green color.

Both golden raisins and green raisins can be used in various culinary applications, including baking, cooking, or as a snack. The choice between the two depends on personal preference and the specific recipe or dish you’re preparing.

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