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Piarom (Maryami) Date Specifications

What is piarom Dates ? what is maryami Dates ?

Piarom or Pyarom (Maryami dates) is the name of one of the dates that is harvested in Hajiabad city of Hormozgan province, 165 km from Bandar Abbas. Iran is one of the largest producers and suppliers of dates in the world and is currently present in most global markets.

Piarom / maryami palm trees need hot, dry, low humidity climates to grow.

Piarom dates are a good export product all over the world due to their good quality and marketability.

this date is the best and most delicious semi-dried dates in the world and also the most luxurious and expensive variety among the 400 cultivars of dates cultivated in Iran.

Dates have been a staple of the Middle East and India for thousands of years.

In Iran and the Middle East, because of the benefits of dates, this product.

It has many uses and in addition to direct consumption, it is prepared and consumed as an extremely tonic and delicious combination.

Piarom  dates Benefits:

include helping to lower cholesterol, treat constipation and increase energy levels and bone health.

Those who have consumed Pyarom dates once, due to their very good taste, good appearance and

benefits of Piarom dates, usually become regular consumers of these dates.

piarom dates calories

There are 300 grams of calories in every 100 grams of Piarom dates.

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Price of Piarom dates ( maryami dates price) :

piarom date price

According to the analysis of the date market, we find that the domestic consumption of Piarom / Maryami is insignificant according to the date export statistics of this country.

After preparing Piarom palm, not much can be harvested because the harvest threshold is estimated up to 30 kg. Therefore, the rest of the dates have a high nutritional value and naturally the price maryami dates increases.

the export packages of the Arah company include raw and dark versions of Maryami (mariami) Mumtaz dates in standard packaging.

piarom dates
piarom dates

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How Many Dates should I eat per day?

According to research, dates with a lower moisture content (dry or semi-dry) have more sugar and calories than other fresh dates because when the date dries, it loses its moisture and only its sugar remains. This increases sugar and calories

Types of dried and semi-dried dates:

  1. Piarom(mariami)
  2. Rabbi
  3. Kabkab
  4. Sayer

For this reason, we recommend that the number of Pyarom dates consumed per day should not exceed three .

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Appearance of Maryami dates and how to store them

Appearance of Piarom dates:

Piarom dates are oval in appearance, brown to black in color, taller than other dates, and have almost thin skin.

This date is one of the semi-dry dates and therefore the storage time of this date is longer than other wet dates (fresh dates). The humidity of this type of date is high and the water in it is low, so problems such as spoilage and sourness are much less for it.

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piarom dates

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Piarom Usages

Due to the sweetness of Piarom dates, it can be used instead of sweeteners such as sugar. Piarom dates can also be used in the preparation of desserts, sweets, chocolate, in food factories.

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Packaging of Piarom Date

Considering that Piarom dates are very popular among the people of the world and according to the export statistics, it has the largest volume of exports, it should be offered in the market with appropriate and beautiful packaging as well as with world certificates. Our company assures you, dear customers, that all rules are observed by submitting documents.

Arah Dates Company provides packaging in a given weight specified by the buyer with respect to the tonnage being asked.

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