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What are Iranian Dates?

 Everyone knows Iran by the name of Mazafati dates, but in Iran, especially in the south and southeast parts of Iran, more than 400 types of dates are cultivated, the most famous of which are: Mazafati, Piarom, Kalouteh, Estameran, Rabbi, Kabkab, Zahedi and Shahani. each of which has its own fans in the world and We regularly export them to Europe, India, UAE, Turkey, Indonesia.

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What are Sayer Dates?

One of the most widely consumed, tastiest, and best-quality commercial dates in Iran is the estamaran dates, which accounts for 45% of all dates exported from Iran. Sayer dates are also known as estamaran dates.

Why Sayer Dates are in High Demand for Export? A stylish and welcoming look, Long-lasting, Basic storage circumstances, This date’s sweetness and its products’ application in the manufacturing sector, Competitive pricing and strong market support.

ARAH company can offer you the best dates at the greatest prices by relying on its expertise in the supply of Iranian dates.

Where are Sayer dates from?

Khuzestan province is where estamaran dates are mostly grown, accounting for more than 70% of all agricultural land there.

Different Types of Sayer Dates:

In order to meet the demands of their customers, sayer dates in Iran divided into  Super Select, Select, GAQ, FAQ categories according to their needs.

Super Select: estamaran dates in this category are carefully separated and placed in this category due to size (largest sayer date). There are placed among 7075 date fruits per kilogram of this type of date.

Select: Sayer Select dates are smaller in size compared to Sayer Super Select dates. This variety is more supply the need of customers who are looking for the best quality of this date.

GAQ: We recommend this variety to customers looking for affordable prices on other dates. Compared to the previous two types, this type of dates are smaller in size, but it also has good quality and taste.

FAQ: This type of date is used industrially and the size of this date is not too big and it has some defects in its skin. For this reason, this category of other dates is used as an additive in the confectionery industry and as a raw material.

Each of the above categories is divided into two subgroups: pitted sayer dates and un-pitted sayer dates, which you can consider when ordering these dates and discuss your needs with your supplier.
It is very effective in pricing other types of dates. If you know the prices, you can contact us.

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What color are Sayer dates?

As mentioned, Sayer dates are among the most popular dates for export, which have high exports to European countries, and one of the countries to which we regularly export is Poland. The color of this date is from dark brown to light brown.

Sayer Dates texture

Estamaran dates are semi-dry dates that have a soft texture with dates skin.

What do Sayer Dates taste like? All dates are sweet and have a pleasant taste, but due to the low moisture content of estameran dates, about 18% and below, you will feel more sweetness when you eat them.

Sayer Dates Price

Estamaran dates are in high demand in Europe because they are exceptionally sweet and tasty despite being less expensive than Piarom dates and Mazafati dates, which are regarded as luxury dates. The quantity of the crop, Iran’s exchange rate, and the specification of the dates are only a few of the many variables that influence price in general.

Please feel free to ask any question about sayer dates price in Iran or whatever, We will be glad to hear your suggestions for a beneficial cooperation.

Sayer Dates Benefits

Date fruit contains several useful and essential vitamins for the body, such as A, K vitamins. Therefore, it is very useful for the health of human eyes and skin.

Sayer Dates Nutrition

Sayer dates calories: There are 350 kcal of energy per hundred grams of estamaran dates.
Are Sayer dates good? Sayer dates include various minerals, including potassium, calcium, and iron; components that have been demonstrated to prevent bone-related disorders.

Sayer dates pregnancy: Dates can be a nutritious snack during pregnancy because they have a well balanced nutritional profile. Since they contain natural fructose, they do not quickly raise blood sugar levels.





Calories (kcal)


Total Sugar (g)


Total Fat (g)


Protein (g)


Cholesterol (mg)


Calcium (mg)


Potassium (mg)


Iron (mg)


Carbohydrates (g)


Ash (g)


Total Dietary Fiber (g)


Sodium (mg)



Sayer Dates Uses

Dates can be used in place of sweeteners like sugar because of their sweetness.
These dates can also be utilized in food manufacturing to make desserts, candies, and chocolate.

Due to their very affordable pricing when compared to other dates on the market, Stameran dates might also be an excellent choice for the distillation business and the creation of alcoholic beverages.

Sayer dates manufacturer

Sayer Dates Exporter

Estamaran dates should be sold with appropriate and attractive packaging as well as with international certifications because they are very well-liked by people all over the world and, according to export data, they have a substantial volume of exports.

We are private label experts. We can meet the packaging and private label needs of our clients’ businesses, and by utilizing a seasoned group of design experts, we can serve as your greatest resource in this area.
By providing documentation, our business can reassure you, dear consumers, that all the laws are followed.

Sayer Dates Supplier and Wholesaler

Arah Company As a supplier, wholesaler and exporter of all kinds of Iranian dried fruit like: sultanas raisins, sun dried raisins, fig, and ETC, has been able to satisfy its customers by relying on its many years of experience and its reliable supply chain. We always try our best to increase the quality and satisfaction of our customers by following the latest market trends.
We are one of the largest supplier , wholesaler and exporter of estamaran dates in Iran, We must say that you should not worry about the quality and price. We are experts in the supply and export of dried fruits & nuts to 5 continents and behind each of our products is a vigilant team familiar with global trends. Please contact us to get the product specification and wholesale price of sayer dates.

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