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What is Mazafati dates? (Kimia Dates/Khajoor Dates)

What is kimia dates?

Bam Mazafati dates are the product of Bam city. Rotab Mazafati Bam is one of the date products of Iran.

One of the best and most important types of dates in Iran is Kimia dates.
In Iran, many people know it as Rotab Mazafati.

This date is produced in 165 km southeast of the Kerman province in Bam groves. .
Due to the hot and dry climate and the proximity of this region of the Lut desert, suitable climatic conditions have been created for the production of Mazafati dates in Bam, and therefore the best type of this date grows in this region (Bam).

Dates in Iran have different humidity. This date has the high humidity among the available dates, and for this reason, this fruit has become more delicious.
The humidity of this product varies according to its harvest time.

Kimia Dates from which country

In fact, kimia dates is another name of mazafati dates, as a result kimia dates from Iran-Bam. Actually no difference between kimia dates and mazafati dates.

Most of people in India called mazafati dates kimia.

Kimia date company

The biggest kimia dates supplier, wholesaler, exporter and manufacturer are in Iran.

Iran is one of the largest supplier of kimia dates in the world.


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How Many Dates Should I eat per day?

Each date contains about 20 calories and contains 2.8 mg of calcium and 5 grams of carbohydrates.

The normal amount of potassium in the blood is about 3.6 to 5.2 milliliters. If this value increases to 7 milliliters, then it is considered very dangerous. Hyperkalemia is a condition that causes an excessive increase in potassium in the blood. So do not use too many dates.
The most normal consumption of this date is 3 per day due to its sweetness and properties mentioned

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mazafati dates

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Mazafati Dates Price Online (Buy Kimia Dates /Khajoor Price)

Original Kimia Dates Price

Kimia Dates wholesale price

The price for Kimia dates is different from other types of dates.

The price for mazafati dates varies according to its quality and specifications. Mazafati dates / Kimia Dates are one of the most expensive dates in Iran.
We are very responsible and specialist in supplying mazafati dates, and we always directly control all the work steps. We can guide you in buying mazafati dates online and offer you the best price of kimia dates.

Mazafati dates/ Kimia dates are one of the most popular types of Iranian dates.
Arah Company determines the price of Mazafati dates according to the following factors:

  • Harvest methods
  • Maintenance
  • Global demand for dates
  • Exchange rate in Iran
  • Packaging (private label, bulk services)

The price of Iranian dates may fluctuate due to fluctuations in the exchange rate of Iran against the dollar, so the price of mazafati dates / price of kimia dates is not fixed. For information on the prices of different types of dates, you can contact the Arah team.

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Benefits of Mazafati Dates (kimia dates Benefits)

1. Regulates blood cholesterol levels

2. Improves bone health

3. Helps improve brain health

4. Prevents inflammation

5. Useful for pregnant women

6. Helps treat constipation

7. Improves skin health

8. Help to lose weight

9. Regulates blood pressure

10. Improves heart health

11. Prevents hair loss

12. Treats diarrhea

According to researches, chewing wet dates such as Mazafati dates and Kaloote dates together with milk is very useful for generating energy during high activity and relieving fatigue. Also, according to the results obtained, dates are also effective for mental relaxation.

mazafati dates
mazafati dates

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Nutritional value of Mazafati dates per kilogram

Kimia Dates Nutritional Value

We will examine the nutrition of mazafati dates below:

Carbohydrates – 510 g
Sugar – 460 grams
Dietary fiber – 260 grams
Fat – 56 grams
Magnesium – 600 mg
Iron – 3 mg
Vitamin A –
Vitamin B1 – 0.77 mg
Vitamin B2 – 0.84 mg
Vitamin B7 – 18.9 mg

Are Fruit Dates Suitable for Weight Loss?

Date fruits prevent the accumulation of fat The potassium and sulfur in dates help a lot in breaking down fat in the body. It is better to eat dates every morning to increase metabolism and lose weight. Dates, due to their high content of vitamins, minerals and fiber, cause a false sense of satiety and prevent overeating.


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