Date paste

What Is Date paste?
Another product made from dates is dates paste. This product is also very delicious and popular like other date products such as date syrupdate sugar and chopped dates.
Date paste is a processed product made from dates without any artificial additives, preservatives and unnatural ingredients. 
This is a useful food all over the world and is a very good organic and natural food supplement, which is rich in a variety of vitamins and fiber.

date paste

Date paste ingredients

This is made from different types of dates such as: kabkabshahaniMazafati dates and Sayer dates (Estameran). Dates paste has a different color according to the type of date that is used, for example, the date puree obtained from Shahani dates has a lighter color and is also very sweet.

Date Paste vs Date Syrup

Both are date products that we specialize in supplying. In fact, date syrup is very thin and has a liquid state and is mostly used to sweeten all kinds of juices, but date paste is solid and has a sticky state and is mostly used to produce cakes and cookies. It is used in confectionary factories.

These days, the demand for buying these products from European countries, Turkey, Russia and UAE is very high. We regularly export to these countries and we always assure our customers of consistent quality.

Date paste Appearance Features

Black date paste is made from black dates like Mazafati and brown puree is made from brown and yellow dates like sayer datespiarom dates and shahani dates.
It has a soft, smooth and delicious texture.
Free of blackness or dryness and no alteration in smell or flavour.
It shall contain no whole, broken pits, stalks or extraneous fragments.
It shall be free of fermentation and mould.

Benefits of Iranian Date paste

Rich in fiber that lowers negative blood cholesterol.
It is a plant source of iron that can help prevent anemia. For this reason, it can be a very useful dietary supplement for pregnant women.
Rich in nutrients such as selenium, magnesium, manganese, copper and calcium that are important to prevent osteoporosis
Contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, B vitamins and also is fat free.
This is a very good alternative to all kinds of sugar or artificial sweeteners. date puree is also a very nutritious substance that can be eaten not only as breakfast and dinner, but also as a seasoning or marmalade can be used in the food industry

Industrial uses of date paste

Confectionery, cake baking and chocolate making, production of biscuits and cookies, production of desserts and chocolate and truffles, dairy and ice cream industries, etc

Home usage of date paste

How to use date puree at home? Breakfast supplements are used in the evening to make homemade sweets as marmalade.

Where to buy date paste

We are one of the largest suppliers and exporter of dates paste Gluten free and non-GMO.

Date puree private label

We are specialize in private label and  can provide dates puree in high tonnage and with the packaging you need.

Date paste bulk

Also, we are suppliers of industries that they need  date puree bulk, such as confectionery, ice cream, bakery, etc. We also have the ability to supply large industries.
We ensure the consistent and superior quality of our dates paste.

Date Paste Exporter/ Supplier and Wholesaler

Date paste is a completely natural and healthy product and no artificial additives should be added to it during production because of this you must choose a reliable supplier, We are proud to say that we are wholesaler, suppliers and exporters of date paste all over the world and we have a brilliant history in this field.
Arah company is one of the reliable suppliers and exporter of Dates, pistachio and their products in Iran and Middle East, And we will always be able to supply our valued customers and always provide the best services to have a sustainable business with them.

Please contact us to get the product specification and wholesale price of date paste.

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  1. Dear Beau, these products are made from dates and also, used as a natural sweeteners in bakery and confectionery industry.
    In fact, date paste is in solid form and date syrup is in liquid form.
    You can find more about date syrup by reading this article.

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