kabkab dates

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kabkab dates

Kabkab dates are one of Iran’s produced dates, which have many fans in different parts of the world due to their high nutritional value. Due to the beneficial properties of Kabob dates for the body, it can be consumed as a useful snack to supply the body with daily energy. this date is one of the high-quality Iranian dates that has many fans in the world due to its very high nutritional value. This Iranian date is a moist date that has a semi-dry texture and the appearance of this date is long and its color is dark brown. And Mazafati date, this date has the most economic value in Iran Kabkab dates can be grown in most of the tropical cities of Iran

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Where is it produced?

This date has many benefits for business and is usually harvested in Behbahan, Dashtistan, Khuzestan and Bushehr provinces. Due to its hot and dry weather, Dashtistan has rich palm trees (date palm is the only agricultural export product of this province). This city ranks first in the production of Kabkabdates. About 16,250 hectares of land in the city are dedicated to palm cultivation.
This date also grows in other cities with suitable conditions such as Khormouj, Behbahan, Kazeroon, Jahorm and Tabas.

kabkab dates
Kabkab dates

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KabKab dates Price

The price for Kabkab dates is different from other types of dates.

Arah Company determines the price of KabKab dates according to the following factors:

Harvest methods
Global demand for dates
Exchange rate in Iran
Private lables
Due to the fact that this date is less known in the world markets, it has a relatively lower price than other dates, but by eating this date, you can understand its quality, for this reason, many gardeners planted this date recently. It is expected that the demand and sales of this product will increase day by day.

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this dates have a soft nature and high humidity. Its humidity is below 18%. Therefore, it can be stored at room temperature for 6 months in the refrigerator, and it can also be stored in the refrigerator for a long time.

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Kabkab Usages

Due to the sweetness of this dates, it can be used instead of sweeteners such as sugar.

this dates can also be used in the preparation of desserts, sweets, chocolate, in food factories.

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This date is one of the types of Iranian dry dates, which can be considered as one of the most consumed Iranian date fruits, and it is planted in most tropical places. Most of the consumption of this date is domestic, but in the future, with the introduction of this fruit to Other countries can be a good market for this date. َARAH company exports its products to all over the world, including UAE, Iraq, India, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Europe and other countries.

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