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Shahani dates

Another type of dates that grows in Iran is the Shahani dates.

This dates, like other dates (Mazafati, Kaloote, Rabbi, Sayer, …) , is very popular in Iran, and every year a large amount of Shahani dates are export to countries such as: the UAE, India, China, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.
The Shahani dates has an elongated appearance, the tip is narrow, and the color is light brown and in some cases yellowish, this date is considered one of the wet and semi-wet dates.

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Where is it produced?

Shahani date is found in many regions of Iran, but a large amount of this date is grow in Fars province and Jahrom city.
Shahani dates are harvested in late summer and autumn.

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shahani dates

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Specifications and Properties of Shahani dates

As mentioned, this date is elongated and its tip is narrow, its color is light brown and in some cases yellowish brown, and it has a very sweet taste.
Shahani dates are very similar to Rabbi dates in terms of appearance and taste, but if you look closely at their color, the difference is clearly visible.
Dates are the same in terms of their properties in most cases, below are the properties of dates taken from the FAO:

1. Proteins and Fats

2. Vitamins and Minerals

vitamins A, B1, B2 and niacin in reasonable amounts, but
no significant amounts of the other vitamins, notably vitamin C;
a good source of potassium, calcium and iron, and
a fair amount of chlorine, copper, magnesium, sulphur and phosphorus.

3. Enzymes

Enzymes play an important role in the conversion processes that ake place during formation and maturation of the date fruit and the activities of four of them are of particular interest to final product quality:

i. invertase: responsible for the inversion of sucrose into glucose and fructose and related to texture and pliability,

ii. polygalacturonase and pectinesterase both convert insoluble pectic substances into more soluble pectins, contributing to softness of the fruit,

iii. cellulase: breaks down cellulose into shorter chain substances with increasing solubility and eventually leading to glucose, thus decreasing fibre content,

iv. polyphenol oxidase is responsible for biochemical changes of polyphenols to which the tannins belong; they are important in non-oxidative browning reactions of the date.

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The maximum moisture content of Shahani dates is allowed up to 23%. If the loaded dates has a moisture content of more than 18%, it needs to be stored in a cold place. Also, our company export this type of dates in refrigerated containers.

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Shahani Dates Supplier

Shahani Usages

Due to the high calorie content of dates, it can be a good option for athletes to provide energy
In addition to the fact that this dates can be used normally, they can also be used in confectionery and bakery industries.

Shahani Dates Supplier

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