Kalle ghouchi pistachio (Jumbo pistachio)

Kalle-Ghochi pistachio (jumbo pistachio) is one of the most popular Iranian pistachios in the world and is very popular because of its special and unique taste. It is placed in the category of round pistachios, but it has a large kernel and therefore has a higher price.

Jumbo pistachio is considered one of the most expensive pistachios due to its special fat and large kernel, and this pistachio is known as one of the most popular export pistachios. This pistachio was first known by a person named Ali Sharifi. Arah s company can supply these pistachios raw and roasted in sizes 20-22, 22-24 and 24-26 based on the needs of our clients.

Kalle-ghouchi pistachios supplier

Export Kalle ghouchi Pistachio

Where is pistachio grown?

One of the famous and popular nuts in the world is pistachio, but it is interesting to know that this product is not a nut at all. In fact, pistachios are technically a seed surrounded by a hard shell, which is why they are all called nuts.

What climate do pistachios grow in? The pistachio tree needs hot summers and cold winters to grow, and it usually grows in deserts and salty soil at a temperature of minus 10 to plus 48 degrees, that’s why this product is not cultivated in Europe, mostly due to the climate. Like the climate of the Middle East and Central Asia.

Where are pistachios grown in the world? until years ago, Iran was the first pistachio producer in the world, but in recent years, the United States was able to reach the position of the first pistachio producer in the world by increasing the cultivation area of this product.

where are pistachios grown in Europe? currently, these two countries are competing with each other in pistachio production, but other countries also cultivate this product on a large scale, such as Turkey, Syria, Greece, China and Spain.

Where in Iran are pistachios grown?

The main area of pistachio cultivation in Iran is Kerman province, but it is also cultivated in other provinces such as Khorasan and Yazd.

How long do pistachios take to grow?

Planting and harvesting this fruit is a time-consuming process, usually from the time of planting the pistachio tree to the fruit after 5 years, you will not have fruit and if you want to harvest a good fruit from the pistachio, the fruit will last for a year and the peak time of fruit production is 15 to 20 years after planting. Is a tree It should be noted that the pistachio tree has intermittent fertility, that is, one year this tree has a heavy production of this product, and the next year it produces less product due to its food reserves.

Kale Ghoochi Pistachio Supplier/ Jumbo Pistachio Supplier

Uses of jumbo Pistachio

The kale ghoochi pistachio has a delicious and unique taste so that it can be used in all kinds of desserts and foods. Below we will mention some of its uses:

Direct use of pistachios as a snack.

Roasted or raw pistachios are used in the nuts. and dried fruit industry and are an excellent and useful snack.

Using pistachios in salads.

Shelled Kalle-Ghochi pistachio (either whole or chopped) are often sprinkled on salads such as lettuce or arugula.

Using pistachios in all kinds of sauces.

Powdered Kalle-Ghochi pistachio are also used as a base for sauces and dips.

Using pistachios in bread dough.

Powdered kale ghoochi pistachios can be added to bread dough to thicken and increase bread protein.

Use pistachios in desserts.

Pistachio is one of the common flavors in the production of desserts, cakes, ice cream, baklava and truffles.

Jumbo Pistachio ice cream is one of the most popular types of ice cream. If you are a cake maker, you must know that pistachio cake is one of the most delicious cakes.
The use of pistachios in Italian cuisine
kalle ghouchi Pistachios, either powdered or chopped, are one of the common additions to Italian dishes.

Pistachios nutrition facts

Benefits of pistachios

Raw Pistachio




562 Kcal

2328 kJ



Saturated fat






Soluble Sugar


Dietary Fiber



1,040 mg


1 mg

Wholesale Pistachios

Jumbo Pistachio For Sale

Jumbo Pistachio Price: Kalle ghouchi pistachio is a very popular and valuable product that is harvested every year in Iran, but in this article we want to explain the pricing methods about this product. One of the methods used by exporters for pricing every year is pistachio nuts. This characteristic depends on the size and weight of the pistachio and the relationship between the weight and the price of pistachio has an inverse relationship, that is, the higher the weight, the lower the price of the product.

In addition to the above parameter, other factors are also effective in determining the price of round pistachios, which we will mention below:
1. Type of pistachio:
As you know, there are different types of Iranian pistachios and their prices are different. The best and most popular pistachios in Iran are: Akbari, Fandoghi, Ahmad Aghaei, Kale Ghoochi , Akbari, Badami.

2. Pistachio size:
As we mentioned earlier, pistachios are measured by weight, the smaller the weight, the bigger the pistachio is, and this makes the price of pistachios more expensive.

3. Quality of pistachios:
The quality of pistachios depends on several factors, such as: how to store the product before harvesting, control and storage.

4. The year of pistachio harvest and the amount of pistachio harvest this year:
Pistachios harvested in the same year have good quality and taste compared to other pistachios of the previous year due to their freshness. Usually, pistachios that have been harvested for more than a year have a lower price compared to fresh pistachios, and the lower the harvest of this product in a year, the higher the price.

5. How to open pistachios:
It is interesting to know that there are usually two types of pistachios
A. Smiling pistachio: This pistachio is usually open before harvesting.
B. Laughing water pistachio: The mouth of this pistachio is usually opened using mechanical devices and it greatly reduces the quality of the pistachio.

Where can I buy Iranian Pistachios

Iranian kale ghoochi pistachios supplier 

We are the supplier and exporter of all kinds of pistachios, such as Fandoghi, Akbari, Kaleh Ghoochi, and Ahmad Aghaei, Badami and every year many customers want all kinds of Iranian pistachios. We always seek to satisfy our dear customers.

Relying on its supply and delivery chain, which consists of local farmers from different orchards, Arah company has the ability to supply jumbo pistachios in various tonnage for all industries. We are also experts in providing private and wholesale packaging. Arah export company is known as the exporter and wholesaler of jumbo pistachios to five continents.

Behind every product in our collection is a strong and vigilant team that always guarantees food quality and safety. Please contact our experts for wholesale price of jumbo pistachio  or any other questions.

Jumbo Pistachio Exporter

Arah is Jumbo pistachio Exporter and Supplier

Arah Company As a supplier, wholesaler and exporter of all kinds of Iranian pistachios, has been able to satisfy its customers by relying on its many years of experience and its reliable supply chain. We always try our best to increase the quality and satisfaction of our customers by following the latest market trends.
We are one of the largest supplier , wholesaler and exporter of pistachios in Iran.

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