We feel honored to introduce ourselves

Who We Are?

We run a family business, and it all began with our fascination with our father’s date plantations.
We started out as two young siblings who exported dates from our father’s garden using the meager resources we had available to us. We worked very hard and diligently to build strong connections with foreign business partners and find new markets to expand our exports.
Arah was able to rise to prominence in the field of exporting all varieties of Iranian dried fruits and nuts over time and as a result of the expansion and development of the business. We had long-term objectives to broaden international markets and boost the amount of our exports. Arah has developed lasting partnerships with foreign clients and, as a result of its high standards and ethical practices, is one of the top exporters in the nation.

Iranian dried fruit & nuts wholesaler

Why are we the best supplier of iranian dried fruit & nuts?

Our features

  • Product Diversity: Our company, with an extensive product portfolio, has been able to meet the diverse needs of its customers worldwide. This product diversity enables us to easily supply products that match their specific requirements based on the demands of target markets.

  • Superior Quality: The superior quality of our products sets us apart from competitors. By adhering to international standards and utilizing high-quality raw materials, we guarantee the delivery of reliable and quality products to our customers. This factor allows us to gain customer satisfaction and establish long-term and sustainable relationships with them.

  • Timely Delivery: As an export company, we consider timely delivery as a fundamental principle in our workflow. Through effective and coordinated supply chain management systems, we have been able to ensure that our customers’ orders will be delivered on time and in ideal conditions.

Iranian dried fruit & nuts exporter

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Our vision

In our vision, our export company is recognized as a symbol of superior quality, innovation, and leadership in the export industry. We aspire to deliver top-notch products using advanced technologies and international standards, empowering our customers with a competitive edge in the global market.

Additionally, in our vision, social responsibility and environmental preservation are paramount for an export company. We are committed to improving working conditions, upholding human rights, responsibly utilizing resources, and reducing environmental impact. Our focus is on creating a sustainable and better future for our society.

Iranian dried fruit & nuts exporter

What does ARAH mean?

In addition to meaning the great angel, Arah contains our motto:

  • Accountability,
  • Respect,
  • Ability,
  • Honesty,
Iranian dried fruit & nuts supplier

Also, we pay special attention to social obligations. We are committed to having fair working conditions, protecting the environment and supporting young people and women in the labor market.
Today, we are known as a strong brand in the Iranian dried fruit and nuts export industry and we have been able to become one of the leading companies in the field of export in the country. Values such as quality, trust, innovation and social commitment are very important to us and are respected in all our activities.
With the efforts and efforts of our family and expert team, we have taken a steady step for our growth and development as a successful example of a family business in the field of exporting dry goods. We continue to look for new export opportunities in international markets and continue to grow and be more profitable by using our technical knowledge and valuable experiences.

Technology and innovation utilization has been an essential aspect of one of our primary missions. For supply chain management, product tracking, and internal process improvement, we employ cutting-edge solutions. Through the use of these programs, our business has been able to consistently enhance its operations and give clients better, more dependable services.

Iranian dried fruit & nuts exporter
  • Experience and Technical Expertise: Our team consists of experienced and highly knowledgeable professionals in the field of exports and international trade. This team has successfully designed and implemented effective export strategies by analyzing target markets and understanding customer needs.

  • After-Sales Services: Our company is committed to providing professional and reliable after-sales services to our customers. By emphasizing customer satisfaction and resolving any post-purchase issues or needs, we make every effort to create positive and long-term relationships with our customers.

  • Global Sales Network: We take pride in having an extensive and effective sales network worldwide. By establishing long-term connections with suppliers, distributors, and international partners, we have facilitated market entry into new territories and effectively marketed our products on a global scale.

Iranian dried fruit & nuts manufacturer

We feel honored to introduce ourselves

Our mission

supply, packaging and marketing of dates, pistachios, figs, raisins and their products with high quality based on food safety and security all over the world.
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Through this exciting mission, as an export company, we provide trust and assurance to our customers that by choosing us, they have a reliable partner in the global market. We believe that exports present numerous opportunities for growth and development, and we make every effort to leverage these opportunities and create value for all stakeholders.

Iranian dried fruit & nuts supplier

What we stand for

Fair trade
food safety
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