What is Akbari Pistachios?

Iran is one of the largest producers of pistachios in the world, and it owes its fame to the varieties of pistachios and the unique taste of this product in the world. Among the types of Iranian pistachios, super long pistachios can be considered the most famous variety. Akbari pistachios have unique appearance characteristics.

Super long pistachio is almond-shaped and open-mouthed, with a darker skin compared to other pistachios. The core of this pistachio is green and its skin is stained and dull. The name of this pistachio is taken from the name of its creator, Mr. Akbar Besenjideh, but this fruit is also known by other names such as long pistachio.

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Where do pistachio trees grow?

One of the famous and popular nuts in the world is pistachio, but it is interesting to know that this product is not a nut at all. In fact, pistachios are technically a seed surrounded by a hard shell, which is why they are all called nuts.
The pistachio tree needs hot summers and cold winters to grow, and it usually grows in deserts and salty soil at a temperature of minus 10 to plus 48 degrees, that’s why this product is not cultivated in Europe, mostly due to the climate. Like the climate of the Middle East and Central Asia.

Does Iran still grow pistachios?

Until years ago, Iran was the first pistachio producer in the world, but in recent years, the United States was able to reach the position of the first pistachio producer in the world by increasing the cultivation area of ​​this product.
Currently, these two countries are competing with each other in pistachios production, but other countries also cultivate this product on a large scale, such as Turkey, Syria, Greece, China and Spain.

Is Akbari the best pistachio in Iran?

Super long pistachio is a pistachio with a luxurious appearance and a fatty and delicious taste, but all Iranian pistachios are popular and have high exports to the whole world, especially China and Europe, so it cannot be said that Akbari pistachios is the best type of Iranian pistachio.
Round pistachios and long pistachio are also among the best Iranian pistachios.

Benefits of Super Long pistachios

Properties of super long pistachios (akbari pistachios) as below:

Raw Pistachio




562 Kcal

2328 kJ



Saturated fat






Soluble Sugar


Dietary Fiber



1,040 mg


1 mg

Iranian Super Long Pistachios Supplier and Exporter

Arah Company As a supplier, wholesaler and exporter of all kinds of pistachios, has been able to satisfy its customers by relying on its many years of experience and its reliable supply chain. We always try our best to increase the quality and satisfaction of our customers by following the latest market trends.

Relying on its supply and delivery chain, which consists of local farmers from different orchards, Arah company has the ability to supply super long pistachios (akbari pistachios) in various tonnage for all industries.
Behind every product in our collection is a strong and vigilant team that always guarantees food quality and safety.

Pistachio wholesale price in Iran

Please contact us to get the product specification and wholesale price of super long pistachios (akbari pistachios).

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