We are always looking for innovation and providing new services to our valued customers. Our R&D team is always dynamic and flexible and strives to increase production and productivity, discover and understand the needs and demands of the market. 

Our goal is to keep our business competitive by providing market insights and developing new services/products or improving existing services.

The priority of our company is to invest in our research and development department, because we know very well that in today’s modern world, in order to keep our valuable customers and to stay in the competitive scene, we must always develop our products and services based on the needs of the market.

Our R&D team strives every day to provide effective solutions in the field of better production of dates, pistachio and their products so that our customers around the world can enjoy them.

We are proud of our research and development team and we always ensure superior quality.

We are supporters of food safety and healthy living, that’s why we have a strong research and development team that works together with the rest of our company to achieve our goals.

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