kaloote dates

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Kaloote dates

Klooteh (kaloute, kalite, kalute) date is one of the wet or semi-wet dates in Iran that is found in many areas, but its best quality is found in Kerman-Jiroft city and its surroundings
We are supplier of Kaloteh dates from the groves of Jiroft city with very high quality

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Where is it produced?

Harvesting of Kalooteh dates starts at the beginning of September In the southern cities of Iran, especially in Kerman province-Jiroft city, dates are well harvested. Apart from Jiroft, which is one of the main areas for harvesting high quality dates, the dates of Anbarabad region are also of good quality and are considered as first class dates.

kaloote dates
kaloote dates

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Specifications and Properties of Kaloote dates

Kaloote dates have soft flesh and are easily chewed in the mouth. This date is initially red in color and is very similar in shape to Mazafati dates. It also has good quality, and has a high share of the date trade in Iran.

Kelite dates have a very warm nature, so it is very suitable for people who have a cold nature.

Kaloote dates are rich in minerals and iron and vitamins B, C and A, which are also good for skin and hair health and people who are physically weak or suffer from diseases such as anemia, internal ulcers or digestive problems.

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Due to the very low humidity of Kaloote dates, this date can be stored out of the refrigerator for daily use, but it is better to put it in the refrigerator for a long time.

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kaloote dates

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Kaloote Usages

Due to the sweetness of Kaloote dates, it can be used instead of sweeteners such as sugar.

Kaloote dates can also be used in the preparation of desserts, sweets, chocolate, in food factories.

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Packaging of Kaloote Date

Considering that Kaloote dates are very popular among the people of the world and according to the export statistics, it has the largest volume of exports, it should be offered in the market with appropriate and beautiful packaging as well as with world certificates. Our company assures you, dear customers, that all rules are observed by submitting documents.
We are specialist in private label . We can resolve the needs of our clients’ organizations in the field of packaging and private label, and relying on an experienced team of design specialists, we can be your best advisor in this field.
Arah  Company provides packaging in a given weight specified by the buyer with respect to the tonnage being asked.

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