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What are Sayer Dates?

Sayer dates (estamaran dates) are one of the most popular and sweetest and highest quality dates exported in Iran, so that 45% of the share of Iranian export dates belongs to this date. This date is one of the most luxurious dates in Iran and most other date exports to European countries New Zealand and Arab countries

Sayer dates are mainly cultivated in Khuzestan city and more than 70% of the cultivated area in Khuzestan province is related to this type of date.

Estameran dates are rich in nutrients. The color of this date is dark brown to black and red. Due to its high sugar content, sayer dates dissolve quickly in water and create a lot of sweetness, and it can be easily used with tea or other beverages. The stickiness of the kernel to date meat is very low. For this reason. Its kernel easily separates from date meat and has the ability to be enucleated. This type of date is used to produce a variety of sweets or beverages that if used for production, the sugar of the product can be produced among natural sugars.

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Price of Sayer Dates (Stamaran Dates)/Sayer Date Price

The most important factor that can affect the price of dates is their resistance to contamination
estameran dates are a good option for export because this date is a semi-dry date, so it can be stored for a long time.

Other factors affecting the price of dates:

Harvest time
Global demand for dates
Exchange rate in Iran

The price of Iranian dates may vary due to fluctuations in the exchange rate of Iran against the dollar, so the price of estameran dates is not fixed.For information on the prices of different types of dates, you can contact the Arah team

sayer dates
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Sayer Dates Wholesale/Estameran Dates wholesale

Reasons For High Demand for Sayer Dates Exports

1. Luxurious and customer friendly appearance
2. High durability
3. Simple storage conditions
4. The sweetness of this date and the use of its products in the manufacturing industry
5. Reasonable price and high justification in the market
6. Relying on the knowledge of supplying dates, this company can provide you with the best dates at the lowest price.

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Sayer Dates Benefitsratestritioncts

Estameran dates, like other Iranian dates, is very nutritious and have many benefits Each 100 grams of this date contains 78 grams of carbohydrates, 50 grams of phosphorus, 60 milligrams of calcium, and grams of protein. Date fruit contains several useful and essential vitamins for the body, such as A, K vitamins. Therefore, it is very useful for the health of human eyes and skin

sayer dates
sayer dates

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Sayer Usages

Due to the sweetness of dates, it can be used instead of sweeteners such as sugar.

This dates can also be used in the preparation of desserts, sweets, chocolate, in food factories.

Also, Stameran dates can be a good option for the distillation industry and preparation of alcoholic beverages due to its very reasonable price compared to other dates available in the market.

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Packaging of Sayer Dates/Sayer Date Packaging

Due to the fact that Sayer dates are very popular among the people of the world and according to export statistics, it has a significant volume of exports, it should be marketed with proper and beautiful packaging as well as with global certifications.
We are specialist in private label . We can resolve the needs of our clients’ organizations in the field of packaging and private label, and relying on an experienced team of design specialists, we can be your best advisor in this field.
Our company assures you, dear customers, that all the rules are observed by providing documents.

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Various Categories of Sayer Dates

In order to meet the demands of their customers, Sayer date suppliers in Iran divided Sayer dates into  Super Select, Select, GAQ, FAQ categories according to their needs.

Super Select:

Sayer dates in this category are carefully separated and placed in this category due to size (largest sayer date). There are placed among 7075 date fruits per kilogram of this type of date.


Sayer Select dates are smaller in size compared to Sayer Super Select dates. This variety is more supply the need of customers who are looking for the best quality of this date.


We recommend this variety to customers looking for affordable prices on other dates. Compared to the previous two types, this type of dates are smaller in size, but it also has good quality and taste.


This type of date is used industrially and the size of this date is not too big and it has some defects in its skin. For this reason, this category of other dates is used as an additive in the confectionery industry and as a raw material.
Each of the above categories is divided into two subgroups pitted and unpitted, which you can consider when ordering these dates and discuss your needs with your supplier.
It is very effective in pricing other types of dates. If you know the prices, you can contact us.

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Sayer ( Stameran )




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