chopped dates

Export of organic and non-organic chopped dates

Chopped Dates

Chopped dates ( date chips )are a product made from dry dates (Piarom, Zahedi, etc.). Dried dates, enter the processing line, and the flesh is separated from the core, and the dates are cut into smaller pieces (cut off date) for better use in the industry.

Chopped dates for cake baking:

You can visit this website to bake a super delicious cake with a cut off date.

Due to its long shelf life and simple storage conditions, dried crushed dates are easier to export, and this processed product has many fans around the world. Our dried, shredded rolls are rolled in rice flour, which makes them perfect for baking.

Export Organic Date Products

Price of Chopped Dates

Many factors play a role in determining the bulk price of chopped dates in world markets. These factors are:

Currency supply and demand rates

Product quality

Package type

The cost of shipping

Manpower costs

Harvest season

Another factor affecting the price of dates chips is the inflation rate. This feature also affects the price of dates.
Arah Company is a manufacturer and supplier of date chips, organically and non-organically, at the current price. You can contact us to place an order and be informed of the latest prices.

chopped dates
chopped dates

Exporter Organic Date Products

Chopped Dates Benefits

Chips dates are a great and healthy food to enjoy, they are rich in important minerals such as fiber, iron and potassium and are also full of vitamins.

Chopped Dates Supplier


Date chips are a good substitute for sugar and you can use it to drink tea or bake cakes and pastries.

They pair well with other dried fruits and nuts, and make a nice addition to oatmeal and cereal.

chopped dates
chopped dates

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To prepare date chips, the moisture of the date is taken a lot, so this product has a longer shelf life than fresh dates.

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Arah Dates Supplier and Manufacturer

Arah company is one of the reliable suppliers and exporter of Dates in Iran and Middle East, such as:

Kaloute ( Kali, Kaloote, Kalite )

Mazafati (Rotab, Kimia )

Piarom ( Maryami )

Sayer ( Stameran )




Also we are Iranian well known Date Products manufacturer and supplier such as:

Date Powder

Date Syrup

Date Paste

Chopped Date

And we will always be able to supply our valuable customers and always provide the best services to have a sustainable business with them.


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