Export Date Liquid Sugar

Export Date Liquid Sugar

Date Liquid Sugar

Date liquid sugar is produced from date juice after extraction, purification, as well as pectin compounds, protein, fiber and color, and its color varies from brown to light yellow. Date liquid sugar with Brix 68-74% has 73% sugar content. The main sugars in its composition are fructose and glucose, which have almost equal proportions, and in terms of sugar composition, it is similar to beehive honey and high fructose corn syrup. Considering the cost of production and raw materials, date liquid sugar can have a good place in competition with its similar products such as beehive honey and corn syrup. Considering the advantages of sugar and date juice, these two can be used as sugar substitutes for sucrose in the preparation of various foods, especially bakery products.

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The Main Advantages of Date Liquid Sugar

One of the problems in replacing sugar is the adverse effect of taste, physical characteristics of the product and the level of consumer acceptance of the new combination. Due to its high sugar content and pleasant taste, dates can be a suitable substitute for sugar in food formulations. The benefits of Date liquid sugar are as follows:

1. In equal amounts, it is sweeter than sucrose. Therefore, it is economically more affordable.

2. At equal concentration, it is a better preservative than sucrose.

3. Due to its regenerative nature, it has less tendency to crystallize or sugar.

4. Retains moisture better.

5. Improves color and taste.

6. Improves texture.

The main advantages of date liquid sugar
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Date Liquid Sugar Price

Today, a new date product is presented, which is made from date fruit, and many fans from all over the world want this product because this product has a high nutritional content as a healthy sweetener. Arah Company is a wholesale supplier of date liquid sugar and our team is always trying to offer the best quality of this product to its buyers at the best price. We fully monitor all stages of preparation to always satisfy our customers. Due to the variable price of this product, contact us to inquire about the price.

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The advantage of liquid date sugar over other liquid sweeteners such as liquid corn sugar?

One of the most important advantages of date liquid sugar is the equal amount of fructose and glucose, but in corn liquid sugar, the amount of fructose is much higher than glucose, as fructose, as a simple sugar, is quickly broken down by the liver and increases sugar. On the other hand, this process leads to an increase in fat in the liver and causes non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

The advantage of liquid date sugar over other liquid sweeteners such as liquid corn sugar?
uses of date liquid sugar

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Uses of Date Liquid Sugar

Liquid sugar is made from grade 2 and 3 dates. Therefore, it brings a lot of added value and can compete with similar products such as beehive honey. This product is used in various industries. Some of the uses of liquid palm sugar are:

Energy drinks
Baked products (cakes, pastries, etc.)
dairy products
Preparation of natural juices

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