How to store dates?

How to store dates?

Tips for buying dates

If you are going to buy fresh or dried dates, pay attention to the following points:

Choose a date with a thin skin.

Smell the dates so that they do not smell bad and sour.

One of the signs of old dates is its sugar content. Buy dates that have no sugar grains on the surface or in the juice.

Be careful not to put objects such as plants or small debris in the package.

Each type of date has its own color, so know the type of date and know what color each date should be.

To determine the freshness of dates, one should not pay attention to whether they are wrinkles or not, because some types of dates naturally have wrinkles on the surface of their skin.

How to store fresh dates

 Soft dates spoil faster due to juice and moisture their taste and color become sour and change.

Dates can be kept in refrigerator for six (6) to twelve (12) month if property store.

If you are storing dates in a refrigerator, make sure the temperture is below 40 F OR 4 C.

It is one of the types of fresh Mazafati dates that are cultivated in Iran.
Click here about Mazafati dates.


How to store dried dates

Dried and semi-dried dates have a high shelf life and can be stored in the kitchen inviroment.

Away from sunlight and heat for up to a year.

To prevent moisture, place in empty air-tight plastic bag or zipped bag.

How to store dates in the freezer

Dates such as fresh and semi-dried can be stored in the freezer for up to a year to stay fresh.

To freeze, place the dates in the freezer bag, ventilate them, and leave some space for the dates to freeze.

Then place in the coldest part of the freezer. When consuming, remove the dates 3 hours before to slowly thaw the ice or put them in a bowl of warm water.

In general, due to the abundance of dates anytime and anywhere, it is better to eat dates fresh.

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