Dates fruit for cancer

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Dates fruit for cancer

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease in which some cells in the body begin to divide non-stop and spread to surrounding tissues.

Cancer can start anywhere in the human body, which is made up of trillions of cells. Normally, the body’s cells grow and divide to form the new cells that the body needs.

Properties of dates

Dates have many properties and most importantly, they are a great source of energy when we are tired.

When you eat dates with tea, the sugar absorbed by dates is twice as much as the normal sugar of dates.

This causes a lot of energy to be absorbed by the body at once and your body will get rid of fatigue very quickly.

New research confirms the benefits of including dates in the diet throughout the year. In principle, following a proper diet that includes a variety of fruits and vegetables has been accepted as a way to reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer.

Cancer treatment by eating dates

Consumption of dates is a well-known method for treating cancer and other infectious diseases.

The compounds in dates are capable of completely destroying superoxide radicals; These radicals, which are the main free radicals in most biological systems, can be converted into active forms in the body, such as hydroxyl, proxyl and alkoxyl radicals, and date juice destroys even hydroxyl radicals.

Dates can prevent molecular damage and mutations caused by these free radicals by inhibiting them;

New research confirms the benefits of including date fruit in year-round diets.

Who eats less dates?

You should not overeat dates because they are high in sugar, in which case those with sensitive pancreas or those with diabetes in the family should eat less dates.

Other medicinal properties

Dates are useful for intestinal and gastric inflammations and are useful for treating dry cough, pulmonary inflammation and urinary tract irritations.

Unripe and sour dates are very effective in blood flow and preventing diarrhea and repairing gums.

Fresh ripe dates strengthen eyesight and treat joint and sciatica pain.

Dates contain vitamins A and B, as well as calcium and phosphorus, iron and magnesium.

Scientific studies have shown that the human body needs 0.9 mg of iron per day, while 100 grams of dates contain 3.6 to 5 mg of iron, and as you know, iron is needed for people with anemia.

Therefore, no fruit other than dates can meet our body’s needs for iron.

It has also been proven today that magnesium deficiency in the body provides the basis for cancer, and dates have a large amount of magnesium that the body needs when consumed.

It repels us, and that is why the Arabs and the nomads, despite living in food poverty, do not get cancer at all by eating dates. Dates also greatly impair sexual potency.

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