Date chocolate

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Date chocolate

According to research, each person consumes an average of about 400 calories of sugar, directly or indirectly, daily.

Refined sugar is widely used in the food industry and consumption of this product is increasing.

But given the importance of refined sugar has no benefit for the human body, a better and more beneficial natural substitute for sugar can be found.

Natural sweeteners increase the absorption of antioxidants daily, and dates are a very good natural sweetener for the body.

As you know, chocolate is one of the most consumed foods and the main composition of this food is sugar and cocoa powder.

Chocolate, like coffee, has a bitter taste and after processing and adding an additive to it, it becomes the usual form that we consume.

Among its most important additives is a large amount of sugar to eliminate the bitter taste of chocolate and It can be consumed by children.

This amount of sugar is harmful to the health of the mouth and teeth, so it is better for us to use natural sweeteners in preparing this very tasty food to reduce its negative effect.

Sesame seeds and date kernels contain antioxidants, fiber, lignans and essential fatty acids.

Today, research has shown that by adding date kernel powder and sesame seeds to chocolate, the properties of moisture, fiber, essential fatty acids, the amount of micronutrients and minerals have increased compared to the previous sample (regular chocolate).

Ordinary chocolate samples have more texture firmness and chocolate samples containing dates and sesame seeds have less texture firmness.

Date chocolate


By adding date kernel powder and sesame seeds to chocolate formulation, its sensory and nutritional properties can be significantly improved and a product rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidant compounds can be produced.

How to prepare chocolate with date kernels

First, the date kernels are washed to make date paste, then in a special machine to roast the nuts, they are roasted at 210 ° C for 70 minutes to reduce the moisture, create the desired taste and reduce possible microorganisms in the next step, the roasted date kernels are ground.

To produce the treatments, date kernel powder is added to the base formula.

Ingredients including sugar, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, milk dry low-fat, palm kernel powder, sesame seeds and vanillin powder mixed with a mixer, then to the reducing device particle size is transmitted. then, in order to achieve the appropriate particle size, the resulting mixture is applied to a kneading machine.

Is guided and in the third step, the emulsifier is added to the ingredients along with the rest of the cocoa butter.

After about 10 hours mixing in the concreting stage, the chocolate entered the tempering machine (Tempering), after which the chocolate it was ready to be molded. After molding to separate the desired chocolate, the mold was placed in a cooling tunnel above zero.

Set at Celsius and after separating, the chocolate is packed.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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