What is a Reefer Container?

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Important points in transporting fresh and dried dates by container

What is a Reefer Container?

Maintaining the quality and freshness of agricultural products from the time of harvest by the farmer to reaching the warehouses of buyers and consumers has always been one of the most important concerns of buyers of agricultural products.

Different industries around the world transport different agricultural products every day, this transportation chain needs careful and regular planning to ensure that the products are always fresh and ready for consumption.

Using and choosing the right container to transport dates can play a key role in maintaining product quality.

Dates are one of the most widely used agricultural products in the world, which must be transported carefully so that they do not lose their freshness and taste.

In this article, we try to teach you useful tips in transporting dates.

1) To choose the right container, pay attention to the type of dates

difference between normal dry containers and reefer containers

The choice of container depends a lot on the type of date. If your date is dry and the humidity is low, such as dates (sayer, piarom and rabbi), you can use a regular container for sea transportation.

But if your dates are fresh, such as (Mazafati dates or Kimia dates) and in general, dates with a high moisture content, be sure to use a refrigerated container.

The following is a description of a refrigerated container.

2) What season of the year are we in?

Another important factor in choosing a container for transporting dates is to pay attention to the weather and the duration of transport.

For example, if we want to send a container of dates from Bandar Abbas port of Iran to Mumbai port in winter due to Transit Time, approximately 7 to 10 days, we can send fresh dates in a regular container.

But if we are in the hot seasons or have a high transit time, it is not recommended at all.

What is a Reefer Container?

What is a Reefer Container?

“Reefer “ is a term that refers to refrigerates storage container.

Reefer containers have a system that maintains certain temperatures and controls humidity levels while allowing acceptable airflow.

Refrigerated containers are useful for transporting products including food (like dates), pharmaceuticals , chemicals and more.

Companies depend on climate control to keep certain materials in prime condition , and reefer containers are perfect for shipping and storing these goods.

Why Are Reefers Great for Transporting Fresh Dates?

Companies that import fresh dates want to ensure their transportation is as safe and efficient as possible.

It’s beneficial to organize a solid plan of operations when transporting produce items.

Using reefer containers can help promote a successful shipping process. The refrigeration system in reefer containers circulates fresh air and removes carbon dioxide or other gas.

These gases can possibly lead to premature spoilage of the fruits and vegetables you are shipping.

These refrigeration systems play a vital role in conserving the condition of produce items.

Reefer containers are able to control temperatures because of several internal components.

These components make reefer containers a smart choice for your fruit and vegetable transportation needs:

  • Control unit: Adjust the internal temperature, humidity levels and ventilation of the reefer storage container.

  • Interior fans: The fans help with air circulation inside the reefer container.

  • Fresh air vent: Fruit-ripening gases can escape through the air vent, and fresh air can flow inside the container.

  • Unit evaporator: The unit evaporator maintains moisture and humidity levels inside the container. Excess moisture can spoil food products, so the evaporator is an important component.

  • Condenser: The condenser takes air from the container and circulates it using an air condenser coil and fan.

These components allow the reefer container to function properly and transport your sensitive materials like vegetables and fruit.

Suitable temperature for transporting dates with refrigerated container:

Choosing the right temperature to carry fresh dates in a refrigerated container is very important, because if we do not choose the right temperature, the dates will Corrupt and can no longer be used.

Our many years of experience in exporting dates have shown that despite the claims of many other fresh date and mazafati date exporters that the temperature is set between 0 and 5 ° C، The best temperature for this type of date is -15 degrees Celsius, because at this temperature, dates are completely frozen and retain their appearance and taste completely, after returning from this temperature, it returns to its original state.

If you are planning to import dates and you are concerned about the issue of transportation and maintaining the quality of the product along the transportation route, you can consult with the experts of Arah collection in this field to fully guide you in this field.


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