Date syrup, a natural sweetener

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Cocoa milk is one of the most popular non-fermented dairy products, but due to the high amounts of sucrose, it can cause Incidence of diabetes and tooth decay in children.

Given that today the tendency to consume natural foods, low in calories and High durability is increasing.

Therefore, replacing sucrose with other sweeteners, especially natural ones, is important.

And date syrup is one of the most valuable by-products of the date and a high energy food, which was rich in carbohydrates and a it is a good source of minerals.

It also contains large amounts of potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. Date syrup for a reason Fructose does not need insulin to be absorbed by the body.

So sugar is good for diabetics. The present study is a review of studies It has been done to replace date juice with sucrose in food to improve the quality and increase shelf life.

Cocoa milk

cocoa milk

The use of date nectar in the production of flavored milk drink compared to similar products such as cocoa milk, in addition to improving the nutritional properties of milk, also reduces the amount of sugar consumption in the product.

One of the disadvantages of cocoa milk is the presence of a large amount of sugar in its formulation, so choosing a sweetener instead of sugar and maintaining the quality of the product during storage is very important.

Date syrup

Date syrup is made from ripe dates with about 67 to 72% of concentrate, which contains 95% of reduced sugar.

Date syrup is a high energy food that is rich in carbohydrates and is a good source of minerals،

It also contains very complex mixtures of other saccharides, organic amino acids, polyphenols and carotenoids.

The composition of date syrup depends on the type of date, but date syrup usually contains fructose, glucose, moisture and a small amount of sucrose, protein, pectin and calcium.

In addition to sugar, date juice has macro and micro elements that play an important role in converting date juice into a rich and nutritious substance.

Physiologically, fructose does not need insulin to be absorbed by the body. Therefore, the sugar in dates is good for diabetes. Sweetening power
Dates contain more fructose than sucrose, which reduces their weight consumption in the same brix in the industry and is economically competitive with other sweeteners.

Use of date syrup in dairy products and beverages:

Date extract is used in various industries as a sweetener and flavoring in various foods such as ice cream, fruit syrup and ice syrup

Use of date syrup in cocoa milk:

date syrup

The use of date juice as a sugar substitute in cocoa milk increases the viscosity and reduces the deposition of cocoa particles.

It also increases the shelf life of the product due to reduced water activity by fructose.

General conclusion:

According to research conducted due to cardiovascular problems and diseases and most importantly diabetes, society easily consumes food industry products.

And people in the community know that date sugar, in addition to its sweetening role, has much more benefits than sugar due to its minerals and vitamins, and that date juice also improves physical factors and increases crop shelf life.

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