Date Seed Powder

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Date Seed Powder

One of the most consumed products in the world markets is a product called palm kernel coffee(date seed Powder), which has found its place among consumers.

Date Seed Powder is actually roasted date kernel, which has a coffee-like aroma.

Coffee due to caffeine increases gastric acid secretion and reduces the pressure of the lower esophageal valve; It is also associated with high blood pressure, which causes consumers to refuse to drink coffee.

On the other hand, chocolate, as one of the most widely consumed snacks in diets, can be a good product for enrichment.

Studies show that the popularity of beneficial chocolates among the people is increasing rapidly.

Today, consumers are looking for chocolate that protects their health and also prevents some diseases.

Therefore, according to the contents and nutritional, chemical and quality characteristics of date waste, especially its core, can be researched and used as a useful compound additive to improve the quality properties of coffee and chocolate.

How to make coffee from date seed powder

Date Seed Powder

There are two possibilities for preparing date kernels:

Using the waste of the core of industries whose main raw material is dates or buying dates and separating the kernel from its fruit.

After preparation, date kernels are soaked in water and then washed without any detergent to remove the sticky meat.

At this stage, fermentation can be used to remove any mucilage attached to the kernel and to improve the taste of the drink.

Prepared and cleaned kernels need to be dried in the sun or in the microwave. Drying in the sun takes two days or the oven can be used for drying.

Washed and dried kernels are roasted at 220 ° C for 6 hours.

Then adding butter to the kernel texture helps to make it crispy.

After roasting, the kernels are ground using a grinder or blender.

The cores are ground into two components soft and rough eventually arah company have (soft) date kernel powder.

To achieve the best powder, palm kernels should be sieved using a powder sieve.

The rest of the sifted powder is considered as coarse date kernel powder. After obtaining palm kernel powder, we will be able to use it as a main ingredient for healthy drinks.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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